• Video List

Main Features

Video Uploader

HTML5, drag & drop,  AJAX, multi video uploader for quickly sharing videos from computers and mobiles.


Video On Demand

Setup paid membership VOD that allows  users to select and watch video when they choose to.


Live Streaming

Broadcast live video channels on website, from webcam or other sources.


Webcam Recorder

Record video from webcam or other computer devices directly on website.


VOD/OTT/OVD Video Site Solution

  • free and open source
  • mobile ready
  • easy to install as WP plugin
  • automatic updates
  • easy to skin with WP templates
  • adds a special WP video post type that can be managed with other plugins
  • extracts video thumbnail, generates feature image
  • extracts video info: duration, resolution, bitrate, file size
  • playlist taxonomy, listing of videos with rest of posts in categories, tags, searches
  • AJAX display and update of video list
  • shortcodes for listing videos, displaying player, upload form
  • easy to extend with WP plugins
  • integrates plugins for Star Ratings, Paid Membership and Pay Per Video, Live Streaming, Pay Per Minute Videochat

Reliable and Secure Framework: WordPress

Compared to other solutions, this script benefits from power of WordPress, reliability, ease of use, plugins, themes, a large community of experienced developers and designers, high quality coding and security standards.
WP is the top platform of choice for top 10 000 sites: Over 30% of top 10k sites online use WordPress.

Code is compliant to WP coding and security standards as plugin and updates are distributed trough WordPress repository.


  • HTML5 video conversion and playback support
  • RTMP playback support (fast skip, no direct access to video files)
  • HLS playback support (rtmp alternative for iOS)
  • HD video support (player adapts to video size)
  • HTML5 native tag player
  • Video.js with VAST, Google IMA, HLS support
  • MediaElement.js (WordPress default video player)
  • Strobe Flash player (HTTP & RTMP playback)
  • Adaptive Bitrate from multibitrate (MBR) sources when streaming (Strobe RTMP / VideoJS HLS)
  • VAST (including pre-roll video ads) HTML5 support
  • HTML5 Google IMA support:
    DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP),
    Google AdSense network (GAN):
    AdSense for Video (AFV) ads