Video Uploader Features

  • HTML5
  • Drag & Drop
  • AJAX (no Submit, page reload required to upload more videos)
  • multi video support
  • easy mass upload (select multiple and drag)
  • upload status box that shows video link when ready without need to reload page
  • live progress bar for each upload
  • unpredictable secure upload file names
  • fallback to standard upload (for older browsers, devices)
  • mobile video upload (iOS6+, Android 3+: prompts user to record new video or select from camera roll)

Video Processing / Coversions

After uploading a video, solution does necessary processing for listing and displaying the video to site users. This involves:

  • extract video info like duration, resolution, codecs
  • extract snapshot to display in listings
  • generate a HTML5 video preview (few seconds of video at low resolution to play on mouse hover)
  • generate a HTML5 video for older mobiles, at lower bitrate/resolution and encoding complexity
  • generate a high quality HTML5 video to playback on most browsers and devices
  • optionally, generate HLS segments for HLS playback (streaming by segment playlist instead of access to full video file)

Encoding codecs, parameters, bitrate for video and audio are configurable from backend settings.