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What is OTT / OVD?

Over the top (OTT) is a term used to refer to Online Video Distributors (OVD), video content providers that distribute streaming media as a standalone product directly to viewers over the internet, bypassing  multichannel television and broadcast television platforms that traditionally act as a controller or distributor of such content.
Video content is streamed over the public internet rather than a closed, private network with proprietary equipment such as set-top boxes (STB).

VideoShareVOD is a turnkey solution for building a video on demand VOD / over the top OTT / online video distributor OVD site.

Pay Per Video

Pay per video can be enabled with the Paid Membership & Content and MyCred – Sell Content (free).  Paid Membership plugin enables an Edit button for owner in videos, pictures listings, where price can be configured. Price is used to control access by purchase using MyCred – Sell Content addon.

Clients can prepay credits (tokens) that show in a site wallet and can be used anytime later in chat to pay for videos, pictures or membership. This improves frictionless micro-payments on site as  clients can add funds in bulk for later usage. Payments (real money) go into accounts configured by site owner, setup with billing gateways (like Paypal, Zombaio).

Solution is able to work with 2 credit wallet plugins: myCRED  and TeraWallet (WooComerce gateways wallet / WooWallet). Each supports multiple billing gateways. Any or both can be used, as necessary. In multi wallet mode, an active wallet can be chosen for videochat activities and tokens can be transferred manually or automatically to that wallet.

For more details also see PaidVideochat – PPV Billing Features that use same wallets.

Read on this page about Video On Demand, Pay Per Video,  AdvertisingMembership .

What is VOD?

Video On Demand (VOD) are systems which allow users to select and watch video content when they choose to, rather than having to watch at a specific broadcast time.

The majority of cable and television providers offer VOD streaming, including pay-per-view content, whereby a user buys or selects a movie or television program and it begins to play on the television set almost instantaneously. Internet television, using the Internet, is an increasingly popular form of video on demand.

Subscription video on demand (SVOD) includes services such as Netflix that require users to pay a monthly fee to access a bundled set of content.

VideoShareVOD supports setting up membership access:

  • global video access by membership
  • playlists by role (playlists accessible to certain groups)
  • exceptions

Pay per video is available with another plugin included with solution (Paid Membership and Content) that allows setting price per video in tokens. Users buy tokens with MyCred plugin, have a site wallet and use these for buying videos . This works great for small payments, without paying multiple transaction fees (sites can sell many videos, pictures for few cents without incurring big transaction costs).

Advertising video on demand (AVOD), includes services such as Hulu or Sony’s Crackle. Service is often free for users, and the platforms rely on selling advertisements as a main revenue stream.

VideoShareVOD supports 2 types of ad delivery in HTML5: plain VAST (Video Ad Serving Template – samples) and Google IMA (Interactive Media Ads ) networks .

The Google Interactive Media Ads (IMA) enables publishers to display linear, non-linear, and companion ads in videos and games. Supports VAST 2, VAST 3, VMAP. IMA enables ad requests to:

  • DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)
  • Google AdSense network (GAN)
    • Ads for Video (AFV)
    • Ads for Games (AFG)
  • AdExchange for Video
  • any VAST 2, 3 compliant ad servers – manual VAST tag setup 


Membership VOD Features

This solution allows configuring a global video watch list, a list of Roles, user Emails, user IDs permitted to watch videos.

Additionally, each video can be assigned to multiple Role Playlists, meaning lists of videos that can only be watched by certain user role.
This means video access can easily be assigned by membership.

Exceptions playlists are also available for quick access control: free, registered, unpublished .

When user tries to watch a video and does not have required privileges, a custom message shows up and preview snapshot is displayed instead.

This plugin publishes videos as special WP posts.  So, in addition to options listed above, access to these posts can be controlled by membership / subscription or individual purchase with any other billing plugins that address WP posts.

Monetization Plugins (suggestions):

  • Paid Membership & Content (set video price from frontend and buy membership based on credit wallets: mycred & terawallet/woocommerce gateways)
  • myCRED (credits wallet, allows selling posts individually: pay per video)
  • WooCommerce Memberships Setup paid membership as products, with direct payment without site wallets. Leveraged with Subscriptions plugin allows membership subscriptions.
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions Setup subscription products, content, with direct payment without site wallets. Leverages Membership plugin to setup membership subscriptions.

VOD Benefits for Users

  • Watch Anywhere
    With one account, you can stream movies through computers, gaming systems, smart phones, tablets, streaming systems, Blu-ray players and much more, as long as you device has an internet connection and a browser.
  • Binge Watching
    Don’t you hate when television shows end an episode with a cliff-hanger? It’s pure torture to have to wait a whole week to find out what happens next. Not with VOD! You can sit down and plow through an entire season, or even series, without ever moving from your seat.
  • No Commitments
    There’s no contract as most TV cable operators require. Simply sign up and subscribe for as long as you want to continue or just buy the exact content you want. You can cancel anytime with no fees or penalties.
  • Huge Selection
    100 channels but nothing to watch on TV? You’ll never say that again if you use VOD. VOD means thousands of movies and TV episodes available at your fingertips. No matter what your tastes are, you’re bound to find plenty of movies and shows you love.