VideoShareVOD integrates Webcam Video Recorder application using Video Posts Webcam Recorder plugin, to allow users to record video from webcam.

This plugins requires RTMP hosting (Wowza recommended) for webcam recording support on all computer browsers.
This plugins is for computers with webcams and similar devices. Mobile users can record with native apps on device and upload videos using the html5 video uploader that comes with VideoShareVOD.

Webcam Video Recorder

  • 100% web based webcam recording
  • Record, Stop, Preview, Approve, Discard and Retry
  • HD h264 support (customizable quality settings)
  • Web based webcam recording
  • Quickly insert videos in posts
  • Integrates VideoShareVOD player settings and automated video processing
  • Integrates VideoShareVOD video sharing permissions

The Video Recorder application can be used in free mode (with some limitations and ads) or in full mode when licensed.

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