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These are the recommended resources for starting a video site. Real usage requirements depend on each project complexity and users.

Video On Demand Site

Video Site
Features VideoShareVOD Turnkey Video Site
Webcam/Screen Video Recording
Video Forum with Webcam Recorder
Contact Forms & Support System with Cam Recorder
MicroPayments – creator subscriptions and digital asset management
WooCommerce : e-commerce for digital and/or physical products
Disk Space 200 Gb
~ 85 hours of 5Mbps 720p videos
Bandwidth 1000 Gb / month
~ 440 hours monthly watch time for 5Mbps videos
Disk IO 5Mb/s (18Gb/h)
~ high speed content uploads
Processing 1 Gb RAM & 1 CPU Core
Setup Time  1-2 working days
Setup Fee  0$ (free)
Monthly Price  from 50$ / month

📦 As alternative to turnkey hosted plans, website can be setup on your own server that meets the requirements from $215/setup.

How to Use Dynamic VOD Hosting?

These plans include complete consulting services and technical capabilities to run own video website with your own content and users, on your own domain.

→ Consulting Services for entire project duration

→ Free video hosting capabilities required to run a video site.

→ cPanel & WordPress Toolkit for easy WordPress installation/management. With WP Toolkit you can easily deploy and managed WP installations from hosting control panel, add/remove/toggle plugins/themes, generate/restore backups, improve site security.

→ Running a video site requires pointing a domain to hosting name servers or a subdomain by A record to hosting IP. A domain or subdomain is required for web access and issuing SSL certificate for HTTPS. If you don’t have a domain, yet, register a domain with free whois privacy (use coupon: videowhisper).
Please make sure you register a non-offensive domain that meets Terms of Use and will not cause disruptions with service providers (domain registrars, data centers, billing websites).

– After pointing a domain or subdomain to compatible hosting, contact VideoWhisper for instructions and assistance  to deploy proposed solution

– You can add other themes/plugins, customize settings as you wish and have full access to files and data (by cPanel, FTP, WP backend)

→ Multisite support: Each unit supports 4 parked (multisite) domains.

→ CPanel automated transfer: Automated transfer of CPanel account from other web host that provide WHM or cPanel.
In case of different hosting type or  restrictions, our staff can also suggest solutions for transferring WP site with other methods. That usually involves copying files by FTP and importing MySQL data with phpMyAdmin. You can also use other backup/migration plugins/solutions.

→ Consulting and assistance for upgrading to to more advanced plans including turnkey video conferencing, live streaming, as needed.

Clarifications for VOD Hosting Service

  • VideoWhisper provides consulting services for technical solutions exclusively, and not site content. The hosting plans and software installations do not come pre-loaded with any content.
  • Consulting services refer to choosing and obtaining appropriate server hardware / software / services (from various providers), configurations, website software / services, technologies, installations & integrations to make the advertised features possible on own client platform. Delivery of these plans includes instructions (training) to access / use main features, configure for own specific needs, priority support (per support terms on contact pages).
    These technical solutions are provided as complete consulting services to plan & design own platform/website with the specific features presented on these websites (with the live demos). Technical solutions involve hardware, software, communication technologies and training, know how & assistance to setup / run / configure / customize various features and functionalities on own platform.
  • You fully own, manage and runs the website, on own registered domain. VideoWhisper does not provide content, user data, legal or financial advice, domain registration, billing processing, marketing, graphic design, site management.
  • To use proposed features and capabilities, website needs to be deployed on a compatible hosting account. This involves moving existing site or deploying a new WP (that can be done by VideoWhisper staff) on this hosting account. Video site software will not run remotely on another host that does not meet the video capability requirements.
  • Services can be used by pointing a domain (configuring name servers from registrar) or subdomain (configuring A records from main domain host) to compatible video hosting.
    SSL is issued and HTTPS is configured automatically, in less than 24h after domain/subdomain propagates to new hosting.
  • Subscriptions are billed automatically until canceled and service is renewed on each charge. Subscriptions can be canceled anytime from the billing site where order was placed. Cancellation can be done from billing site where you ordered (Stripe, BlueSnap, PayPal), not by technical support. If you wish to terminate a subscription, make sure you cancel it before next billing date, to stop renewal.
    – If you ordered on Stripe, use Stripe Customer Portal to manage your subscription and billing details, with your order email, pe Stripe Terms.
    – If you ordered on BlueSnap, you can Manage billing details / subscriptions / invoices – web based and automated (does not involve support), on billing site per BlueSnap billing Terms and Conditions. To manage BlueSnap billing, you can retrieve credentials from their site (use order number and order email to get account details), for each order. BlueSnap Inc is a reseller for VideoWhisper services. When ordering with a reseller you are purchasing the services from the reseller and the providers sells these services to the reseller.
  • Services can only be provided to websites that meet all legal requirements for their specific activity/content and do not abuse network:
    – Terms: VideoWhisper Terms of Service/Use, Privacy Policy, Site2Stream TermsWebsite Services Contract .

Video Hosting Features

Non Budget

Regular budget web hosts don’t include necessary video tools like ffmpeg and html5 codecs. Ex: HostGator, GoDaddy.
There are multiple video hosting budget providers that advertise unlimited space and bandwidth for a few dollars.

The secret behind budget host offers is hosting hundreds of sites on a server and hidden terms and practices. In example:

  • processing limitations that kill demanding processes like video conversion for bigger files (including memory, cpu, simultaneous processes)
  • space limitations that apply for video / file sharing sites as exception to “unlimited space”, in hidden terms
  • upload limitations that prevent users from uploading big videos
  • restrictive resource limitations that slows your site as soon as it begins to have some traffic
  • shared bandwidth on 10Mbps or 100 Mbps shared connection for hundreds of sites where you will not be able to use much of the “unlimited” bandwidth
  • prices they list are for very long term like 3 years, so webmasters commit before being able to test on monthly basis or use for limited time projects/experiments: while tests with few users can go smoothly at beginning, when load increases site can no longer handle the large volume of traffic due to limited resources

Our main business is live video streaming software and we provide realistic hosting plans where our client sites can fully work and perform. All our plans are premium, with advanced functionality, on powerful servers and networks that host a limited number of premium sites.


Plans we provide use High Speed Networks streaming oriented infrastructure on 1000Mbps servers in high speed datacenter networks with multiple backbone connections totalling thousands of Gbps bandwidth capacity.

1000Mbps connection means 10 times more  users can watch videos simultaneously than on regular 100Mbps servers, without performance and reliability issues.

Servers are located in North America and provide low latency high speed transfers worldwide. To evaluate check our live demos.


This is a basic requirement for such video hosting solution, demanded for generating snapshots, retrieving information, converting videos to mobile formats.

Includes recent FFMPEG from SVN with basic and main codecs for portability and common web formats:  x264, speex, nellymoser, theora, mp3lame, vorbis, ogg, faac, faad2, xvid, opus, x265, vp8, vp9.

Depending on video size, ffmpeg may require lost of memory or CPU time and fail on restrictive budget hosts. Resource allocation must be suitable for video conversions.

On our plans, FFMPEG is installed, configured and updated when necessary by our administrators for everything to work smoothly.
Plans include resources tested to work for regular video processing features.


CPanel is most popular web hosting management control panel to manage http, mysql, email, ftp.

We also provide Softaculous for automated installation for a wide range of scripts including Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Elgg, Dolphin, various classifieds/support desk/gallery/forum/shopping cart scripts.

CPanel and Softaculous also involve additional costs ($45/mo + $15/mo) when setting up your own servers. With our plans these are included.


Video sites have specific requirements that demand specific server side configuration. For these plans, a server administrator is not required to setup and manage the server side configuration as this service is included.

FFMPEG is available, configured with necessary codecs and updates as needed.


Due to high speed and monthly transfer streaming requirements (video sites usually need to handle Tb of transfer per month),  video hosting tends to be much more expensive than regular web hosting that can use budget servers/connections/networks.

Most popular video hosting providers demand $500-$900/month for 5Tb/month transfer while you can get this value for considerable lower costs with plans below.


HTTPS: Plans come with AutoSSL, meaning a default SSL certificate is assigned to website. If you have your own certificate, the default one will only be used if yours expires.

Protection: Hosting servers include advanced firewall settings (CSF & LFD), ClamAV antivirus, ModSecurity, configured by our experienced administrators.

Compatibility: Hosting servers include latest CURL and Open SSL to meet eCommerce provider requirements.