Quick Installation Tutorial

This is a quick tutorial for installing,  setting up and starting with VideoShareVOD.  Contains these sections: Install, Setup Paid Membership,  Customize.


  • First make sure you have compatible hosting that meets at least the basic requirements, with FFmpeg.
  • Install WordPress if you don’t have it already.From cPanel you can install with WP Toolkit or Softaculous.
  • In WP backend (usually in /wp-admin/ folder), go to Plugins > Add New and in Search Plugins box write/paste Video Share VOD or videowhisper , then hit Enter.
    Install and activate Video Share VOD plugin.
  • In WP backend you should now have a new Video Share VOD main menu on left bar.
    Go to Video Share VOD > Options and make sure FFMPEG path is configured right and it’s detected.
    Default path for FFMPEG is /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg but some hosts locate it in /usr/bin/ffmpeg .
    If FFMPEG or any required plugin is missing contact your hosting provider or get a compatible hosting plan.
    From Convert tab, adjustments on FFMPEG calls may be required, depending on version/codecs deployed on each host. Professional installation assistance/review is available.
  • From Settings > Permalinks setup SEF links so pages have appropriate urls.
    Recommended:  Common Settings > Post Name .
  • From Pages > Add New , setup pages for main features, if your site does not have sections where these can be included.
    Ex: Browse Videos, Upload.
    On sites dedicated to videos, the videos list can be displayed on a Home page. Select front page from Settings > Reading.
    Display appropriate interface and content by inserting shortcodes listed at Video Share VOD > Documentation menu.
    Ex: videowhisper_videos videowhisper_upload
    Add the pages to a menu and configure as main menu from Appearance >Menus .
  • From WP admin dashboard, Videos > Categories you can edit the content categories (common categories used for all site content types).
    You can also review/edit Videos > Playlists (playlists are automatically created for each user when uploading videos, user role for membership access and for organizing different type of videos like sponsored): user playlist demo.
    You can also create TV Shows that lists videos in Episodes: tv show demo.

Paid Membership

Solution can restrict access to videos and uploads by role so you can use any WordPress based membership plugin to manage paid roles.

  • If you want to setup paid membership or sell videos (per item) based on a site microtransactions wallet, install the MicroPayments – Paid Membership, Content, Downloads plugin.
    Setup paid membership roles or videos that can be individually purchased based on tokens. These can be obtained from money gateways (paypal, zombaio, bitpay) or from site activities, as configured. Supports MyCred and TeraWallet (WooWallet WooCommerce billing) site wallet systems with multiple billing gateways.
    This type of setup requires users to register as free members first, then buy tokens and upgrade their membership.
  • Premium membership plugins  for  direct  paid  registration:
    • WooCommerce Memberships Setup paid membership as products. Leveraged with Subscriptions plugin allows membership subscriptions.
    • WooCommerce Subscriptions Setup subscription products, content. Leverages Membership plugin to setup membership subscriptionsSetup at least 1 paid role that members get by purchasing membership.
  • If you decide to run site with free membership, you can receive site tips/gifts from crypto enthusiasts.
    Brave is a special build of the popular Chrome browser, focused on privacy, speed and cryptocurrencies, already used by millions.
    + Get the Brave Browser. You will get a browser wallet, airdrops and get to see how tips and contributions work.
    + Join Brave Creators Publisher Program and add your site(s) as channels. If you have an established site, you may have automated contributions or tips already available from site users that accessed using Brave. Your site(s) will show with a Verified Publisher badge in Brave browser and users know they can send you tips directly.


Sell Turnkey Video Site

If you decide to pivot to different content, video niche or domain, you can list your existing video site for sale.

List for sale your turnkey site, and try to make $500 or $5000 depending on theme, niche, content, traffic, registered users: