Quick Installation Tutorial

This is a quick tutorial for installing,  setting up and starting with VideoShareVOD.

  • First make sure you have compatible hosting that meets at least the basic requirements.
  • Install WordPress if you don’t have it already.
    Premium hosting providers (as VideoShareVOD Hosting) include web tools for automated installation of WP and other popular scripts (Softaculous or Fantastico installers in CPanel).
  • In WP backend (usually in /wp-admin/ folder), go to Plugins > Add New and in Search Plugins box write/paste Video Share VOD or videowhisper , then hit Enter.
    Install and activate Video Share VOD plugin.
  • In WP backend you should now have a new Video Share VOD main menu on left bar.
    Go to Video Share VOD > Options and make sure FFMPEG path is configured right and it’s detected.
    Default path for FFMPEG is /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg but some hosts locate it in /usr/bin/ffmpeg .
    If FFMPEG or any required plugin is missing contact your hosting provider or get a compatible host.
    From Convert tab, adjustments on FFMPEG calls may be required, depending on version/codecs deployed on each host. Professional installation assistance/review is available.
  • From Settings > Permalinks setup SEF links so pages have appropriate urls.
    Recommended:  Common Settings > Post Name .
  • From Pages > Add New , setup pages for main features, if your site does not have sections where these can be included.
    Ex: Browse Videos, Upload.
    On sites dedicated to videos, the videos list can be displayed on a Home page. Select front page from Settings > Reading.
    Display appropriate interface and content by inserting shortcodes listed at Video Share VOD > Documentation menu.
    Ex: videowhisper_videos videowhisper_upload
    Add the pages to a menu and configure as main menu from Appearance >Menus .
  • From WP admin dashboard, Videos > Categories you can edit the content categories (common categories used for all site content types).
    You can also review/edit Videos > Playlists (playlists are automatically created for each user when uploading videos, user role for membership access and for organizing different type of videos like sponsored): user playlist demo.
    You can also create TV Shows that lists videos in Episodes: tv show demo.
  • If you want to setup paid membership or sell videos (per item), install the Paid Membership and Content plugin. Setup paid membership roles or videos that can be individually purchased based on tokens. These can be obtained from money gateways (paypal, zombaio, bitpay) or from site activities, as configured.
  • Optionally, get a professional WordPress theme to skin site.
    A theme with wide content area (preferably full page width) should be used so features can use most of the space.
    Some tested themes: Jupiter, Impreza, Elision, Sweet Date 4U.
    You can also get a professional logo template.
  • Optionally, get a Live Streaming or Video Recorder license for your site to enable full mode for Live Streaming and Video Recorder plugins. These have special rtmp hosting requirements.
  • For increased site performance and security, we suggest at least WP Super Cache and WordFence plugins.

Professional Installation Services

  • Script / Plugin Installation
    If your host meets at least basic requirements (latest FFMPEG and codecs) our technicians can install and configure the plugin on your WordPress setup.
    Usually requires WP admin credentials and URL and sometimes ftp details.
  • FFMPEG & Codecs Installation on Dedicated Server 
    If you have your own dedicated server, but don’t have latest functional FFMPEG and codecs our administrators can install those.
    Root ssh access details for server are required.
  • Red5 / RTMP Installation on Dedicated Server
    If you want to use RTMP delivery or Live Streaming our administrators can deploy Red5 on your server.
    If you also need archiving/recording or HLS delivery, Wowza server is needed (requires a license).
    Installing any RTMP server requires root ssh details.
  • Turnkey Compatible Hosting
    Our plans on on high speed 1000Mbps streaming servers are setup by our administrators to function optimally with this solution.
  • Customisations
    After setting up existing editions, our developers can customize these and add new features, for additional fees depending on exact requirements. Possible customisations include integrating new players, delivery methods, access control and pay per view options, new listings and browsing options for price in range of hundreds.