Select Your Video Site - Turnkey Builder

These plans bundle multiple components, software, hosting, installation to deploy a turnkey video centered site / project.  All turnkey solutions include WordPress for content and user management, support for WP themes and plugins, including VideoWhisper plugins for paid membership/content, pictures, content reviews.

Free Installation ($25/installation) included. Just point a domain or subdomain to the compatible hosting plan and our staff can schedule and provide an installation for any VideoWhisper web software edition.

* Mogul plans

  • Provide performance beyond regular dedicated server grade, on high spec servers with more disks in RAID, more CPU threads and memory availble for other server services.
    While on a dedicated server with 32Gb RAM that’s used for operating system, streaming services and web account processes, on Mogul plan 48Gb is available in full to web account and there’s more RAM on server for operating system, cache, streaming services. Same for CPU cores: while on a dedicated server there’s 8 cores for everything, on Mogul plan there’s 9 cores available to account and more cores for system tasks.
  • Can be setup fast (in matter of days) compared to dedicated servers that can take a week to provision hardware, setup and configure server software and services which can take a week.
  • Allow multi-server scaling and/or geo-optimization, which can be developed for extra fees, depending on usage scenario.
  • Include a free VideoWhisper level 1 license ($25/mo), for Broadcast Live Video, to handle streaming in full on each instance.
VOD Unit + Live + Startup + Videochat + Rainmaker + Mogul
Main Content VideoShareVOD BroadcastLiveVideo BroadcastLiveVideo PaidVideoChat PaidVideoChat PaidVideoChat
Price (USD/month) $20 $95 $130 $145 $199 $225 $330 $355 $425 $455
Video Share VOD
Disk Space 200 Gb 300Gb 500 Gb 600 Gb 1 000 Gb 4 000 Gb
Videos ~ 720p 4mbps 100+ hours 160+ hours 270+ hours 330+ hours 520+ hours 2100+ hours
MicroPayments PPV, Subscribe, Donate, Membership
Live Streaming
Video Chat / Calls / Conference
Transfer / Month (Bandwidth) 1000 Gb 2000 Gb Web
2000 Gb Live
4000 Gb Web
6000 Gb Live
5000 Gb Web
12000 Gb Live
10 000 Gb Web
40 000 Gb Live
20 000 Gb Web
80 000 Gb Live
Monthly Hours of Streaming 550h x 4Mbps VOD 1100h 4Mbps VOD
4400h 1Mbps Live
2100h 4Mbps VOD
13000h 1Mbps Live
2700h x 4Mbps VOD
26500h x 1Mbps Live
5500h 4Mbps VOD
85000h 1Mbps Live
11000h 4Mbps VOD
170000h 1Mbps Live
Webcam Recording
Pay Per Minute
Memory (RAM) 1 Gb 3 Gb 5 Gb 7 Gb 24 Gb 48 Gb
CPU (x 4.2+ GHz) 1+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 6+ 9+
Disk IO 5Mb/s (18Gb/h) 15Mb/s (50Gb/h) 25Mb/s (90Gb/h) 35Mb/s (120Gb/h) 60Mb/s (200Gb/h) 120Mb/s (400Gb/h)
Addon Domains
(extra sites)
2 5 50 Unlimited
Parked Domains
10 30 50 200 Unlimited
Bundle Items
VideoShareVOD Unit

VideoShareVOD Unit

Complete Starter

VideoWhisper Level 1 License x1

VideoShareVOD Unit

Complete Professional

VideoWhisper Level 1 License x1

VideoShareVOD Unit

Complete Expert

VideoWhisper Level 4 License x1

Complete Rainmaker

VideoWhisper Level 4 License x1

Complete Mogul

VideoWhisper Level 4 License x1

Plan Details

All plans include:

  • AutoSSL (HTTPS for all hosted domains)
  • FFMPEG with necessary codecs for HTML5 video conversions
  • Web hosting CPanel with unlimited MySQL, FTP, email accounts
  • 1000 Mbps connection for high speed streaming (dedicated for dedicated server)
  • Ability to add more video hosting space and transfer with the Video Share VOD Hosting Unit plan:
    + 200Gb space & 1000Gb/mo transfer for +$20/month


  • VideoShareVOD unit plans are optimized for video hosting with lots of storage space.
  • Bundles with Stream plans add more resources specific to live streaming and high interaction sites like transfer bandwidth, memory, cpu.
  • VideoWhisper license is per domain (for webcam apps) and volume discounts are available for adding more.
  • Upgrades to these bundles are available including from simple VSV Unit or Stream plans.
    Upgrades can be applied in a matter of days except for dedicated servers that can take up to a week for setup.

Turnkey Video Site

  • Video List

Video Site Deployment Steps

  1. Order plan for video site you want to build.
  2. Our staff sets up hosting account and provides details including hosting name servers.
  3. You point your domain to hosting name servers specified in hosting info, from your registrar. If you don’t have a domain you can register a domain.
  4. After domain propagation to compatible hosting, our staff can install solution for you, on request.
    If you prefer, you can start setup per available tutorial and provide credentials for our staff to review and configure as necessary.
  5. Use support tickets anytime for clarifications, assistance.

Why not Unlimited space and bandwidth?

There are multiple video hosting budget providers that advertise unlimited space and bandwidth for a few dollars.

The secret behind budget host offers is hosting hundreds of sites on a server and hidden terms and practices. In example:

  • processing limitations that kill demanding processes like video conversion for bigger files (including memory, cpu, simultaneous processes)
  • space limitations that apply for video / file sharing sites as exception to “unlimited space”, in hidden terms
  • upload limitations that prevent users from uploading big videos
  • restrictive resource limitations that slows your site as soon as it begins to have some traffic
  • shared bandwidth on 10Mbps or 100 Mbps shared connection for hundreds of sites where you will not be able to use much of the “unlimited” bandwidth
  • prices they list are for very long term like 3 years, so webmasters commit before being able to test on monthly basis or use for limited time projects/experiments: while tests with few users can go smoothly at beginning, when load increases site can no longer handle the large volume of traffic due to limited resources

Our main business is live video streaming software and we provide realistic hosting plans where our client sites can fully work and perform. All our plans are premium, with advanced functionality, on powerful servers and networks that host a limited number of premium sites.